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How much should I spend on a motherboard?

How much should I spend on a motherboard? – When it comes to building a powerful PC, the primary thing which the user needs to be careful about is to set-up a CPU. But if you are building a gaming PC, then you need to get it installed with the GPU. But in the middle of all such components, the motherboard is one such system that is the ultimate priority for the PC build. Some people choose to have an affordable motherboard which is great in supporting the CPU. But is it the best decision to choose any motherboard which is cheap? Won’t affect the functionality system? Do you want to know how much should I spend on a motherboard?

Well, this is one such question which many do want to know because considering the affordable and best quality of motherboard is something which is always your first want. Cost is one such factor that you really need to consider before you choose any motherboard.

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Why is Motherboard Important?

One major reason due to which you should be considering the use of motherboard is due to the support of a processor. Apart from that, you also know that motherboard is accountable for the distribution of power in an efficient manner over all the components. This is also due to the reason that all the components have been connected with it. Therefore, we might call it to be the main hub that connects all. Plus, you should be considering few other factors which are equally determining the price of the motherboard. This will help you to figure out how much should I spend on a motherboard.

What is the average cost of a motherboard?

When we talk about the average motherboard price, then it might ranges from one model to another one. Replacement of the motherboard will cost you from $150-300+. The motherboard somehow tends to be quite a lot expensive component of the computer. It will probably range in between $25-200+.

The regular laptops or the desktops are available in the cost of $30-150. But for the Macs or the higher-end machinery or the best budget gaming motherboard, the cost will range from $200-600.

Hence when it comes to buying the motherboard, you should always have proper budget planning in your mind to consider. Sometimes you can even get the best quality of motherboard with great functioning even at a low cost. Ask your friends or the IT experts to get an idea about what motherboard models are excellent and at what cost they are available.

What are the important components of a motherboard?

Few important components that are part of the motherboard are:

  • Input/Output Ports.
  • IDE And SATA Connector (Storage Device Connectors)
  • Power Connectors.
  • Front I/O Connectors.
  • CPU Socket.
  • Expansion Card Slots.
  • RAM (Memory) Slots.

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What is the Average Cost of a Motherboard by Brand?

One major mistake which most of the people at the time of creating the PC believes in the fact that motherboards are not contributing to the overall performance of the entire unit. It won’t be increasing the whole FPS speed of PC as it will prevent the failures and any sort of long-term damage to the rest of the components. Some of the expensive motherboards are having additional benefits including USB ports or the diminished overclocking quality.

Various manufacturers are creating Intel or the AMD motherboards.  Let’s discuss the cost of motherboards according to brand:

ASRock $133
MSI $175
ASUS $255
Gigabyte $221


What is the Average Cost of Motherboard by Model?

In the year 2019, most of the popular used motherboards had the cost that range from the Z390 to the X299. Like majority of the computer components, there has been a wide range through the cost of the motherboards which is in between the majority as well as high end. Let’s discuss the cost of motherboards according to model:

Z390 $138
Z370 $150
X470 $167
X570 $315
X299 $509
B450 $147


Gamers who are always focusing on the pure performance can look for the motherboards that range within $2000.  They are much satisfied to find something which falls into the moderate price. Intel simply focused over the casual gamers with the model of Z390, while to hence maintain the emerging flexibility to smoothly upgrade can spend the cost over the model of X299. For the AMS users, gamers can look for the model of X570 whereas some of the casual ones can look for the models of the X470 or B450.

Average Cost of Motherboard-CPU bundles

Most of the gamers are looking forward to buy the motherboard and the CPU as the bundle. Let’s discuss the cost of motherboards-CPU bundles:

Intel $122
AMD $160


Let’s get into the overall breakdown of the pricing for various bundles by the model type:

MIS $152
Gigabyte $109
ASRock $116


What important factors affect the price of a motherboard?

If you still do not know how much should I spend on a motherboard, then there are few of the factors which will highlight how the price of motherboard gets affected. Let’s discuss those important factors with you below:

  • Form Factor

First factor is the form factor which you need to be careful about. ATX motherboards are quite common as the micro ATX. The difference is that they are a lot small in size and they do have reduced expansion slots. Sometimes you are not sure about what size of the motherboard you should purchase. Well, its simple solution is that you can compare your old motherboard and figure out which one will fit best. ATX motherboard is always the best option because it is having some great expansion slots which will be in your favor.

  • Processor Socket

Once you have decided about the form factor, the next thing you should consider is the processor socket. There are different types of sockets which have been used in the past but just three of them are applicable today such as PGA, LGA, and BGA. Intel makes use of LGA whereas AMD uses the PGA. BGA sockets are not that much popular because they are already bonded with the motherboard with which cannot be upgraded or serviced.

The price of the motherboard will also vary on the basis of the processor socket which is part of your machine. Consider what model of CPU you want before you buy the motherboard. This factor plays an important role to decide how much to spend on a motherboard.

  • RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which plays a vital role in letting your motherboard functionality to be at the top. Hence the motherboard which you are choosing will be determined with the amount and the type of RAM which you want. Consider this factor when asking yourself out how much should I spend on a motherboard.

It is always a best recommendation to choose the motherboard which can accommodate with maximum 16GB. Plus, you should search for the board which is offering with 4 or even more memory slots. In this way, you are capable enough of installing with the 2 RAM modules to yet begin and you will have more of spare room for the memory upgrades in the future.

  • Extra Features

While buying the motherboard, make sure you do consider that your system is already available with some extra built in features. This can be in the form of expansion cards as well. Most of the motherboard models have the on-board audio system as well. But it is suitable just for the mid-range speakers. Consider this factor when asking yourself out how much should I spend on a motherboard. Some of the motherboards can even bundle up with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features but for that sake, you need to spend some extra cash on it.

Should you spend more on CPU or motherboard?

A general question that should I spend more on CPU or motherboard is something that hits the mind of so many people. Well generally, each of the CPU generations is available with the high-end and budget options in favor of the motherboards. But just due to the fact that you are going high-end with the CPU or the GPU therefore, you cannot choose the budget motherboard, then it is completely wrong. You will be able to get an excellent experience on the GPU and CPU, so make sure you spend more in the best motherboard you can.


We hope that with this guide, you must have learnt a lot about how much should I spend on a motherboard. It is not at all hard task and you can easily plan a budget and buy a best quality of motherboard for your system. But do a bit of research and pay attention on the advanced features that are part of the motherboard and at how long span they will work in your favor. Go for it now!