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How to check motherboard drivers?

Motherboard Drivers:

Motherboard drivers/chipset drivers, are basically software interfaces between the motherboard, including all its components connect to, and the operating system and other utility software. They make the whole system work as intended, and without them, you will lose critical features and efficiency and have a flawed system. In this article, you will get information about your question How to know my motherboard drivers?

So, Modern apps like Windows 10 include some primary motherboard drivers that help make the system run smoothly. However, your motherboard manufacturer will also provide chipset drivers that should be installed to make your motherboard and all connected devices fully functional.

Motherboard manufacturers also keep releasing updates of motherboard drivers periodically to enhance performance and system stability. They also keep adding new hardware compatibility features or add some features that were not available at launch. It may be helpful to update your motherboard drivers from time to time to take full advantage of these improvements. But you should also know about that How to check motherboard drivers? To learn about your motherboard drivers, you have to read this article carefully.

Motherboard Drivers Models:

Do you often have one question in your mind that How to check the motherboard chipset driver version? No need to worry, we answer your question. So all motherboards drivers are based on the motherboard chipset model, such as B460 and Z590 for Intel PCs and B550 and X470 for AMD PCs. Some motherboards have some unique functionality or features so, motherboard manufacturers also release individual drivers for such motherboards.

The proper motherboard drivers are the ones designed specifically for your motherboard. You must have to keep your motherboard drivers updated to the latest version, so if you haven’t updated your drivers for a while, it might be a great idea to update on the latest version. It will improve performance or may add new features to previously unavailable items.

How to Check Motherboard Drivers?

Some of the drivers are from the Windows drive store, others from a computer or motherboard builder. You can see the motherboard drivers with the Device Manager:

How to check motherboard drivers?

How to check motherboard drivers?

  • Click Start or open Run App, type “devmgmt.msc.” (without space) in the search box, and press “Enter”. All drivers will be listed in the new window.
  • You can explore your motherboard drivers.
  • Expand “Display Adapters.” If your computer has a built-in or integrated video, the chips driver of your video is displayed. You may ignore it if you have installed a graphics card.
  • Open the “IDE ATA / ATAPI” controls, if your computer has an IDE or integrated hard drive. Nowadays SATA has replaced IDE for the most part, so if you have a brand new computer, it may not have an IDE controller.
  • Expand “IEEE 1394 Bus host regulator.” Drivers for any Firewire controllers will be listed underneath.
  • Expand ”Network adapters” If your PC has an implicit network adapter, it’ll be displayed here, as a rule under the AMD or Intel brand name.
  • Expand “Sound, video, and game Options.” All regulator drivers you sound and video connectors will be listed here.
  • Open “Storage Connectors.” Serial SATA, or ATA, regulator drivers will be listed here. Except if your PC is a more seasoned model, you likely have a SATA hard circle. The regulator is its interface with your motherboard. Contingent upon your PC’s setup, you may likewise have an excess exhibit of autonomous plates or RAID regulators. The strike is a capacity innovation, for the most part, utilized in workers that empowers you to join a few plates into a single volume, reflect them for excess and use other progressed alternatives.
  • Expand “Universal Serial Bus Options.” Listed here are your USB regulator drivers.
  • Open “System Devices” Rest of the motherboard drivers will be listed here, including PCI transport driver, memory regulator, framework speaker, etc. After this method, you will quickly know How to Check Motherboard Drivers.

Second Method (How to Check Motherboard Drivers):

  • If you have an Intel-based PC or desktop, you can get the driver’s identification of your motherboard by following these steps:
  • Open Device Manager for Windows Search and select the comparing similarity.
  • Open System Devices, then, at that point, right-snap, or tap and hold the Intel Management Engine Interface and select Properties.
  • Tap in the Driver tab. Driver Date and Driver Version will disclose to you which drives you have introduced.
  • AMD-based PCs and workstations don’t make it simple to test your motherboard drivers. A simple method is to refresh it by downloading the most recent variant from the maker’s site or utilizing the auto-recognition and update device for AMD. 

Mr. Motherboard explain all guidelines, after reading this guide now you can easily Check your Motherboard Drivers?