How to connect power button to motherboard?

How to connect power button to motherboard?

Do you want to know how to connect power button to motherboard? If yes, then this is the right place for you to get the required information that you have been looking for. For some of the users, it is not easy to figure out that how to connect the power button to the motherboard. But we are sure that our today’s guide will solve so much of your problems!

How to connect power button to motherboard?

How to connect power button to motherboard?

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A Tutorial to connect power button to motherboard

It is not at all intricate to have the buttons and indicators get connected to the motherboard of your PC System. But still, you need to follow few of the basic steps to make it happen for you! You have to get the whole manual of the motherboard and read all the details and instructions highlighted in the manual for you. Look for the information related to the contact block. This block is known as F_Panel or Front Panel.

If you are not able to get the manual, just look for the motherboard block. On the basis of the information which is given in the manual of in markings of the motherboard, you have to connect the main power button, indicators, and the reset button.

You have to make sure that all the plugs and the connectors in such cases are protected through a wrong connection. This generally means that you cannot connect them wrong without any breaking of contacts.

Is it easy to connect the front panel to the motherboard?

Well for some of the users, it is quite a laborious task to connect the front panel with the motherboard. The same is the case when it comes to know that how to connect power button to motherboard!

As at one side it is complex, then on the same side it is an important process too with which a successful functioning of the motherboard is expected. Few people choose to assemble the whole motherboard of their PC system with their own help and in this stress, they might miss to attach some of the basic components in the right manner. And in all such wrong acts, connecting the front panel with the motherboard is the basic one.

What is the power LED and hard drive LED?

While knowing about how to install power button to motherboard, power LED and hard drive LED are two of the biggest issues which you need to encounter with. To let the LED to lighten up, you have to plug with the positive connector into the positive header pin and in the same way plug the negative connector into the negative header pin.

Both the negative and positive pins on the motherboard are labeled if you see it clearly. It is very much common to look for the front panel connectors without any sort of negative and positive labeling. As guidelines, connectors with the black and white wires are positive and all the connectors which are the colored wires are the negative ones. If the LED does not light up, you can swap up the positions of the connectors.

Important things to Remember

There are few important things which you should know about when it comes to understand that how to connect power button to motherboard. As you start to plug within the front panel of your motherboard, you should be following a few of the basic rules which we are about to discuss below with you!

You should be searching the manual for the connection place and then you have to connect the plugs. It might not be that you always get the place for connecting your front USB 3.0 connector over the motherboard. If this is happening in your case as well, then simply leave that place to be unconnected.

All the audio connectors should be included in the common unit with the front indicators and the power buttons. Possibly they might be located separately on the motherboard. Hence the USB connectors are all the time located separately and the place where the connection of the motherboard is happening is all marked by designations F_USB, JUSB or the USB 3.0. The first two of the options are typical in view with the USB 2.0 connector, which is fully connected via 10 contacts. But the 3.0 connector somehow requires around 20 contacts.


This was such a simple guide to know about how to connect the power button to the motherboard! If still, you find it as a hassle task for yourself, then taking help from the technicians or the experts is the first thing that needs to hit your mind. Proper connection of the power button with the motherboard is vital for a better functioning of your PC system.