how to connect sata hard drive to motherboard

how to connect sata hard drive to motherboard

Then people thought about how to connect SATA hard drive to motherboard?

As present-day system units utilize the SATA interface to associate hard drives, In this article, you will also get information about How to use motherboard HDMI without a graphic card?

Follow this manual to associate your SATA drives directly to the inward openings on the PC’s motherboard and use of motherboard HDMI without a graphic card. Firstly to know about How to connect SATA hard drive to the motherboard? , you should know what SATA is and what things you need to consider before installing it.
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Serial ATA (SATA) connectors remain a common link between the drive and the motherboard. The image above shows a 2.5 “SATA hard drive from Fujitsu with a data center on the left and a power port on the right. In older SATA drives, you may see a Molex 4-pin power connector. HDDs) and hard drives (SSDs).

SATA drives are replaced by IDE and Enhanced IDE (Parallel ATA). SATA removes slave connections between identical hard drives, each connected to the motherboard using its own SATA adapter.
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How to connect SATA hard drive to the motherboard?

You have to follow these steps:

  1. Power Off Your Computer:
    Close the system and turn off the switch on the back panel of the system unit. If such a switcher is missing in this case, unplug the tower.
  2. Ground yourself:
    To remove it while working with the inside of the computer, wear a special anti-static belt or touch the metal part of the tower when attached to a tight socket.
  3. Disassemble the box:
    Modern cases tend to have thumbs up, while older ones may need to use a screwdriver.
  4. Find and insert the hard drive into an empty bay:
    Inside the case find and insert each hard drive into an empty bay. Their position may vary depending on the design of the case. Screw up the hard drive and make sure the ports of the hard drive are accessible.
  5. Connect disks:
    Now that you have access to the inside of this case, you can attach each SATA hard drive with the help of a power cord, which connects to a computer power supply, and a SATA data cable, which connects the disk to the motherboard. . Second, get a free power cable and connect it to a more significant HDD port. Third, insert a SATA data cable into a small SATA port on the hard drive.

Your unlisted drive should appear in a separate row. If it is an entirely new drive, it will appear as unknown and not start. Launch the drive using the following steps.

  • Right-click uninstalled the drive and select Start disk.
  • Choose MBR (Master Boot Record) for a drive smaller than 2TB, and GPT (GUID Partition Table) for a drive larger than 2TB.
  • Once launched, right-click on the Recently Shared space and select New Simple Volume.
  • Select Volume Size. If you are using the entire drive, leave the default assignment. If you plan to split more than one part, give the volume as you see fit. Hit Next.
  • Give a driver’s license using a drop-off. Your existing drives will not be listed. Hit Next.
  • Select a file system. It is recommended to use NTFS for Windows 10.  Hit Next.
  • Now hit finish.

After following all these steps, you get a solution for How to connect SATA hard drive to motherboard?