How to remove Graphic Card from Motherboard?

How to remove graphics card from motherboard?

How to remove graphics card from motherboard? – A Graphics card is an extension card that feeds the output images to the display device. Often, these are advertised as separate or dedicated graphics cards, emphasizing the differences between these and integrated graphics.

Graphic cards are used on PC, motherboards, etc. But the main problem is installing and removing the graphic card when you need it. You often think of questions that now, How to remove Graphics Card from the laptop? or How do I uninstall a graphic card? You need not worry. It is easy to handle your graphic card whether you install it, uninstall it, or something else.

This article will assist you to remove Graphics Card from Motherboard? Mr. Motherboard explanation of your concerns, you have to read it carefully.

So let’s find out methods about How to remove Graphic Card from Motherboard?

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Step1: Removal of any graphic card Drivers software:

Before installing a new graphic card, it’s very important to remove the previously installed graphic card, especially if you are between two different brands cards (e.g., AMD to Nvidia). You can remove the drivers manually or let the software do the work for you.

To remove drivers manually, press the ‘Windows icon (on your keyboard) + R’ simultaneously. A ‘Run Box’ will appear. After that, you will have to type in ‘devmgmt.msc’, then press ‘OK.’ Then find the driver of your graphics card in the list that appears, then hit ‘Remove.’

Do many people ask questions that Is it safe to remove your graphic card? Yes, it is safe if you all methods correctly to remove Graphic Card from your laptop or motherboard. You have to use the driver display uninstaller to remove the old graphics card drivers. The software is easy to use and works well. It will thoroughly remove the graphics drivers without leaving any residue on your PC.

Step2: Use of Antistatic Wrist Wrap

Your PC Components can fry due to Static electricity. So, you must wear ‘Anti Static Wrist Strap’ before handling your PC components and make sure all static electric charges have been discharged. Anti Static Wrist Strap is an inexpensive antistatic paper wrist strap you can buy from any local computer shop.

How to remove Graphic Card from Motherboard

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Step3: Locate graphic card and remove all cables

Locate the graphic cards and disconnect all cables from your PC. Usually, graphic cards are embedded into the PCI-e slots on the motherboard and secured with screws or a few clips, to the case’s mounting bracket, so you need to unscrew/unclip the graphics card.

How to remove Graphic Card from Motherboard?

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Step4: Slide the graphic card out of PCI slot

Hold the graphic card with one hand and pull the PCI slot lever to unlock the card from the PCI slot. Now gently pull the graphic card away from the motherboard. Pulling the card hardly can genuinely harm the PCI slot on the motherboard. You have successfully removed the Graphic Card from Motherboard.

How to remove Graphic Card from Motherboard?

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Save your graphic card

Static electric charges can damage your card so, to avoid any mishaps, save the graphic card into an antistatic bag.

How to remove Graphic Card from Motherboard?

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