how to tell if motherboard is fried

How to tell if motherboard is fried?

Faulty motherboards are a pain to see! If you do not know how to tell if motherboard is fried, check out the details from here. Your PC will instantly start to show random characters on the screen and beep codes if its motherboard is not working fine.

Mr. Motherboard guide mentioned below may help you in determining and assessing whether your motherboard is fried or not! The minute you spot these issues, you should try eliminating and removing them as soon as possible.

how to tell if motherboard is fried

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Smelling smoke, damaged capacitors, charred circuitry might make your motherboard fried

First of all, you should keenly inspect your motherboard and minutely see if it is damaged from any side. For computer users, they can check their motherboard conditions by removing the side panel of CPU. In addition, for laptop users, they can take off the plastic bezel as well as keyboard and access their motherboard.

It is generally observed that smelling nasty kind of smoke and spotting charred circuitry are one of the major hints that tell your motherboard is in a defective condition. This is how do you know if your motherboard is fried!

Furthermore, you should examine the condition of capacitors. They generally come in a cylindrical shape. Situations like that of power surge and overheating harm them. If your capacitors have rounded tips, it means they have become blown and damaged. Thus, all these elements make your motherboard impaired.

Your Computer will fail to Turn On

Secondly, your computer will fail to turn on if it has a defected and impaired motherboard installed in it. Before that, you can check whether enough power is being supplied to your PC. The power supply range should be set at 115/120 V and not at the level of 220 V. Still if your computer does not get turn on, it means your motherboard is in trouble. Hence, it is one of the effective ways on how to check if motherboard is dead.

Defective motherboard gives out Diagnostic Beep Codes

Defective and impaired motherboards give out diagnostic beep codes. When you start to hear some sort of pattern of beeps, it means your motherboard has become failed. Some users often hear the noise of a siren coming out from their systems.

Your PC screen starts showing Random Characters

Moving to more of the details regarding how to tell if motherboard is fried! You will see that your PC screen will start to show random characters. The display of such random characters will halt the operations and functioning of your motherboard. Most importantly, such a situation occurs when your motherboard gets water in it. If you think that your motherboard has witnessed water damage, avoid turning on your PC.

Frozen screens

Situations like that of freezes and glitches instantly convey this message to us that our motherboard has become defective and dead. It has become one of the annoying symptoms. This is How to check if motherboard is faulty! Imagine you are left with a frozen screen and at that moment nothing you can do.

Issues like that of freezes, failing to load and glitches tell us that some hardware problem does exist in our PC. Thus, the more frequent these freezes and glitches become, it means your motherboard is closer to death.

The Blue Screen of Death

None of the users wants to spot the presence of Blue screen of death in their PCs. This respective issue is linked to the hard system failure. Your operating system fails to operate anymore. Thus, it is one of the noticeable and common signs that Blue screen of death occurs because your motherboard has become damaged.

Further signs and symptoms on how to tell if motherboard is fried

Below you can check out the details of further signs and symptoms that tell you your motherboard has reached to the death state:

Your PC operations become sluggish

A defective and dead motherboard slows down the operations of your PC. You start spotting sluggishness in your PC working side. Furthermore, programs start to load at the slowest speed. The typing operations and keystrokes will fail to get recognized. All of this happens because of the fried motherboard presence.

Your PC will fail to recognize the hardware

If you observe that your PC has failed to recognize the hardware, it means your motherboard has reached to the defective state. Your flash drive and mouse becomes unreadable.

Causes- Why motherboards get fried and dead?

  • Overheating situation may damage your motherboard. If the heat is not properly vented, then that may come out to be damaging for your motherboard. Furthermore, if your computer or laptop is packed into congested and cramped area and witness little ventilation, it means the lifespan of your motherboard may get reduced.
  • Dust brings down the lifespan and health of your motherboard. All those computers and laptops that remains accumulated with dust, their motherboards and other hardware components gets damaged instantly.
  • Whenever you bang your computer or laptop, there is an increased chance that your motherboard will get fried and hurt. Dropping a computer brings a physical shock and that is fatal.
  • Computers used for years and years are more prone to wear and tear. If your computer is way too older, its motherboard will sooner become fried and dead.


Now you know how to tell if motherboard is fried! Keep in mind these signs and symptoms and take care of your motherboard health. Treating these issues on time may bring out your motherboard from the defective and fried state.

In addition, regularly clean your motherboard so that no dust gets accumulated on it. Place it in the area where it receives maximum ventilation. You can let us know how you prevent your motherboard from getting damaged; share with us your views.